Fairy Trail

Rahway Fairy Trail 

The Rahway Fairy Trail is located at 197 Glen Ave. Millburn, NJ 07041 in South Mountain Reservation,  across from the Millburn Public Library.  Take a walk along the trail and open up your imagination to see the tiny fairy homes. You will find the fairy homes hidden between the trees and along the path. The houses are made of twigs, moss, seashells, and other items to make their fairy home cozy.

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I suggest you wear comfortable shoes and bring bug spray. You will enjoy this trail young or old. Enjoy your visit and be sure not to disturb their homes. During your visit or on another day you can walk through the Rahway River Loop and pass Hemlock Falls and Maple Falls Cascades. While visiting the fairies, be sure to stop at the Wildflower Sculpture Park to see art sculptures and have an educational experience.

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