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My name is Keyanna. I am a travel blogger, nature lover, and adventurer. I went from being scared of driving a long distance; to going on road trips hours away and exploring the world around me. Photography has always been a passion of mine. 

I want people to know there are great places surrounding them and that jumping on a plane to a new destination is not just a dream. I want to show people how to overcome their fears, inspire them, and make memories.

Schooley’s Mountain County Park


If you are a solo traveler or bringing your family, I have something for everyone while on a budget. I want you to get out and explore hiking trails with fantastic views overlooking hills and waterfalls, visit museums to learn about the history behind the artifacts and paintings, get on a plane and visit some of my favorite places.

I have a bucket list of amazing places I want to visit. What’s yours?

Travel Bucket List:

  • Drive across the United States in a RV
  • Visiting Greece
  • Visit Italy
  • Visit Iceland
  • Visit Peru


Sussex Skydive

Please comment if you visit one of the places I showcase here! I’m happy to accept advertising or sponsorship proposals and products to review from relevant brands.

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