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Greetings, fellow wanderers! Welcome to my vibrant realm of travel tales! I go by the name Key, an avid explorer, and devoted blogger. My insatiable passion for discovering new horizons fuels my journey across mesmerizing destinations, and I’m thrilled to embark on this exhilarating adventure with all of you. Join me as I paint vivid portraits of my escapades, delving into the heart and soul of each place I encounter. Together, let’s unravel the world’s mysteries, one captivating tale at a time.

I want people to know there are great places surrounding them and that jumping on a plane to a new destination is not just a dream. I want to show people how to overcome their fears, inspire them, and make memories.

Schooley’s Mountain County Park


If you are a solo traveler or bringing your family, I have something for everyone while on a budget. I want you to get out and explore hiking trails with fantastic views overlooking hills and waterfalls, visit museums to learn about the history behind the artifacts and paintings, get on a plane and visit some of my favorite places.

I have a bucket list of amazing places I want to visit. What’s yours?

Travel Bucket List:

  • Drive across the United States in a RV
  • Visiting Greece
  • Visit Italy
  • Visit Iceland
  • Visit Peru


Sussex Skydive

Please comment if you visit one of the places I showcase here! I’m happy to accept advertising or sponsorship proposals and products to review from relevant brands.

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