The Summer Bucket List

My husband and I made a plan to start saving for our dream home. That meant for the next two years we would be putting off our tropical vacations that we took each year and putting money into the bank. With saving money we had to find things to do with little to no cost and that was also fun for the kids.  I went to the search engine and typed things to do near me. The more popular things to do were either North, West or South Jersey. Each way was 45 minutes to an hour for me to drive. I was stuck in the middle and at the time I wasn’t ready to take a road trip no longer than 30 minutes. I’m laughing to myself because I drive all over now and my new bucket list is to drive across the United States. Funny how things change once you start getting out.

I knew there were places in between that I could find, I just had to dig deeper. My passion and hobby has always been nature photography. I love being outside and taking in all the beauty around me. Must be the air sign in me. I heard of waterfalls that were close, gardens filled with amazing flowers and grounds. We even had local museums that I never visited. I lived in New Jersey for 40 years now and didn’t know we had so many historic and charming hidden gems. If you want to get out for a walk, see amazing gardens, go to your local farms for fresh produce, visit a museum or go out for some good food this blog is for you.

I got out of my comfort zone of wanting to stay close and not drive, to looking forward to a new adventure each week. I started taking photos of places that I visited and gave my review. I became a local Google guide and as of now my photos have been viewed over 690,000 times. I’m happy to have added new photos and give a glimpse of the great attractions so others can see the beauty New Jersey have to offer. Please enjoy my blog and visit these great places.

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