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Sandy Hook Lighthouse

The Tiny Army Village and Lighthouse with Big History

A trip to Fort Hancock and Sandy Hook Lighthouse.

Living your best life

Getting Over Your Fears So You Can Live Your Best Life

Want to live your best life, but scared to follow your dreams? We all fear the unknown; read how I made small changes and how you can too.

Great Vintage Finds for Any Collector

Great Vintage Finds for Any Collector. Take your next road trip to find some treasure pieces. Antiques, Furniture, Jewelry, Record albums, and Comics.

Bucks County Eccentric Castle and Museum

Step Into Time and Visit the Eccentric Castle and Museum in Bucks County. Fonthill Castle and Mercer Museum.

Friday the 13th… Bad Luck? Or is it all in Your Head?

Friday the 13th The Good, The Bad and the Superstitions.

Spectacular Drives to See Amazing Fall Foliage

Best drives to see this year Fall Foliage across the United States.

It’s Raining! 25+ Fun Indoor Places to Visit to Stay Dry

Local places to visit to stay dry from the rain. Fun indoor activities the whole family can enjoy.

50 Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss This Fall

50 Festivals to visit this Fall.

The NJ Castle that had the Town Smelling of Gingerbread

I had the Gingerbread Castle on my bucket list of abandoned places to explore. I was told the town smelled of gingerbread cookies.

Donaldson Farms, sunflowers, festival

New Jersey Sunflower Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss

New Jersey Sunflower festivals you don’t want to miss this year. Learn How to Grow Sunflowers for your garden.

Love the Smell of Lavender? Check out this lavender farm in NJ

Like the smell of lavender? Check out the lavender farm in NJ.

The Stonehenge of Pennsylvania Columcille Megalith Park

Come explore Pennsylvania’s Stonehenge.

Voted Best in New Jersey Castle Cove Mini Golf and Arcade

Mini Golf the whole family can enjoy.

CLOSED…Due to the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is hitting hard now and there is no sight of it stopping. I had to console my daughter last night. She said she was scared and started crying. … Continue reading CLOSED…Due to the Coronavirus