Orchard View Lavender Farm

Purple or any color in that family is my favorite color, so I had to visit the beautiful Orchard View Lavender Farm. The farm is located at 101 Karrsville Rd., Port Murray, NJ 07865 and opens on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10 are-5 pm. Entrance and parking are free. Orchard View has many events from Yoga, Wine events, Self Care Day Retreats, and many others.

We drove to the farm on a beautiful day blue sky day. The weather was perfect, unfortunately, we missed the lavender bloom in the fields. However, there were many lavender flowers all around the beautiful property. 

Orchard View Lavender Farm

We spent around 2 hours enjoying the peaceful and serene setting. We headed over to the Lavender Farm Stand. When you walk in you smell the wonderful fragrance of lavender that calms you and makes you feel like you’re on cloud 9. The shop sells everything from teas, essential oils, house items, and soap. I purchased some lavender Shea butter and lavender brownies. They also have lavender lemonade to taste!

The owners were very helpful and friendly and told me the best time to see the lavender bloom. Which is the end of July. This is a tranquil place to come and relax. There is not a place where you wouldn’t get a picture to capture your time here. From the lavender, flowers, architecture, and butterflies that gracefully fly the property, you will have a lovely day. For more information please visit their site: https://www.orchardviewlavenderfarm.com/

Orchard View Lavendar Farm

Orchard View Lavender Farm

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