Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever

2020 Will Be A Great Year


Hello and Happy New Year to Everyone! Yes, I’m late and we are now into the mid of January. I hope you all enjoyed bringing in the New Year whether it was alone spending a quiet night at home or spending it with friends or family. I spent my time reflecting on 2019 and all the things I accomplished. Before 2019 ended I pulled out my Vision Board that I had started in March. I thought what do I need to do to follow through with the rest of my goals.

I want to travel more and get better with my photography. Those are my main focused goals for 2020. We get overwhelmed with work and family and don’t make time for ourselves. We also get consumed by watching others enjoy themselves on social media while our lives just pass us by. I’m here to try and help you and myself get organized and make this the best year ever. Here are a few things you can start to do. You don’t have to do everything on this list, but we have to start somewhere.

  1. Clean House. Get rid of anything that is not serving purpose. I plan to have a yard sale in the Spring. I went through old plant potters, pictures I framed, clothes I barely wore to clothes with tags that I will never wear and placed them bags. If you don’t want to have a yard sale and want to get rid of the things immediately donate to people you know or give to charity.
  2. Take a Break from Social Media and News. Take up a new hobby, start a new book, focus more on family or your community. Look for events to join to get out the house.
  3. Make a List of things you want to do this year. Make a list. How much will it cost? When do you plan to go? I have plans to visit more lighthouses, museums, zoos and go hiking on new trails. I have a calendar and weather permitting I’m getting out there.
  4. Get Healthier. I don’t like the word diet! I like to eat. LOL I want to get healthier this year for me and the family. I started getting on my elliptical starting at 20 minutes now I can go over 60. When the weather get better I plan  to go walking/ Hiking with my family. You don’t have to join a gym. You can walk in your neighborhood park or take a stroll around your block. Always be careful. Start to make healthier food choices when cooking. You can make it a family affair with have cooking competitions at home with healthy foods. Just Google healthy food recipes. I’m looking forward to making Chocolate Avocado cookies.
  5. GIVE THANKS. Give THANKS to all you have good or bad. Give Thanks for completing goals, starting a new chapter on life and being ALIVE to see another year. If things haven’t been going well just know if you keep a positive mind set things will get better. If you didn’t get that job or new promotion maybe there is something set better to come your way. 
  6. Stop Hanging Around Negative People. Whether it be a best friend or family member. You should be surrounded by people who motivate you, make you happy and want the best for you. Sometimes we confide in people and share our goals or just talk in general. But “Debbie Downer” can always find a way to turn it into something negative. If someone don’t make you feel good and don’t brighten your day. STAY AWAY.  This also goes for social media. You want to only see good posts that make you smile not read of someone complaining or negative posts. Spend time alone or be with people that share the same beliefs and goals as you. 

I wish you luck and hope you have an amazing year. If still have trouble and don’t know where to start. Read some books, Google or go to YouTube and look up: How to set Goals. Let this be your best year.

You are meant to have an amazing life. -The Power- Rhonda Byrne

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