Highland Airs Alpaca Ranch


Highland Airs Alpaca Ranch

Highland Airs Alpaca Ranch is located at 10 River Rd, Hackettstown, NJ 07840. http://www.highlandairsalpaca.com/

It was such a beautiful visit with my daughter. I didn’t know I was a 25-minute drive away from my home. You can miss the turn if you don’t have your GPS set as well, which we did. We drove through a trail along the Musconetcong River, where people were also fishing. There was no lined parking and I felt a little bad parking partially on the Ranch property but that is where all the cars parked.

It was a sunny and warm day, so I knew it would be a busy day and we wouldn’t be the only ones wanting to see the adorable fuzzy alpacas. We saw visitors doing halter training and walking the alpacas around the grounds. We went to the gift store and brought some food to feed the alpacas and llamas. The food was $1 a bag and boy do they love this food. Once they see you have the bag, there’s no stopping them from coming to you and looking for something to eat.Β 

Highland Airs Alpaca Ranch

The owners and staff were so nice and helpful and we took a tour getting to know the names of all the animals and how some are entered in contests and are prize winners. So we got to meet a celebrity alpaca.Β  We also got to see the new additions to the ranch.Β 

The baby alpacas were so cute and we kept a little distance and sat on the grass while they mingled with one another. My daughter enjoyed petting the animals which were friendly and didn’t bite. She did get spit on by an alpaca which was funny. I suggest visiting the ranch when they open in the morning to avoid the crowds and get parking. You may also bring a blanket and have a picnic or sit at the tables provided by the river. This was a lovely experience and recommend coming to visit these beautiful animals.


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