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The Halloween Spirit Still Lives

I am happy life is coming back to the holidays and we are getting back to some kind of normalcy after the pandemic. Kids are getting out to go trick or treating and the trunk and treats are a big hit as well. I participated in the past. I decorated my car but didn’t know some parents go all out. I was amazed at the time and creativity of the trunks I saw.

They didn’t hold back with the decorations. Lights, props that popped out and someone even had a flaming dinosaur. This year the trunk or treat is planned, but it looks like we will have rain. I hope the weather holds up. This is something the kids really look forward to. Dressing up and trick or treating safely. Something that makes me happy as well.

I was planning a dinner party, I wanted to do a 1920’s theme dinner but with my schedule, I didn’t have enough time to plan. If you prefer to stay home and have a party, you can buy everything you need from the $1 store. Here’s a great article on planning your party.

It’s time for costume shopping or if you are creative and have crafty hands, you can make a costume. I think I can come up and make a crafty costume if time permits, but for now, I have to go out shopping.

Costume Shopping

A smile came on my face as we walked around the store. I started to remember when I was a kid and the holiday was coming. I couldn’t wait to pick out my costume. We had parties at home when I was younger.

As I got older, I went out trick or treating until the age of sixteen. Funny, now that I think about it. But it was so innocent and fun. I couldn’t wait to watch, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” A yearly classic to watch, and now I’m watching it with my children.


Spirit Halloween Store

We walked through the aisles and looked at all the cool costumes. As usual, my daughter couldn’t decide what she wants to be for Halloween. I explained we had time to decide and that we were here to just check out what they had. I told her when I was a kid we made our costumes or we had plastic costumes with face masks that had a thin piece of string holding it on our faces. That string always popped too.

Costumes have gotten a lot better. The quality of the costumes was great at Spirit Halloween. We were in the 1920s section. They have so many selections, and the dresses were amazing. I was tempted to buy one of the gorgeous dresses.

We spent almost an hour walking around the store and looking at adult and children’s costumes. The kid in me played with all the displays they had. Some were scary for small children but I know they would be great decorations on a dark night. We both decided on the costumes we wanted and were happy with our choice. I was Chucky, momma Chucky and my daughter was a crazy clown. Something also popped out at me, I did get a cool tarot card holder for the cards I have at home. 

Spirit Halloween Store


We had a fun time going out to the farm and of course dressing up. Yes, I’m still a kid at heart and love dressing for the holiday. People loved our costumes too. I think we pulled off a great look. 


Don’t forget about your pets this Halloween as well. There are cool costumes for your pet as well. I found some great dog costumes on Chewy.com There are even cool dog costumes to choose from.

boxer dog costume

boxer dog costume

boxer dog costume


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