Friday the 13th… Bad Luck? Or is it all in Your Head?

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I wrote the following post last year. When we have the 13th fall on a Friday, some people get a little scared. We automatically think “bad luck” is coming. But this year, we have all been through a lot. 2020 has been the year of hell. We had COVID-19 come in and change the way we live. Many people lost their lives and jobs. Businesses closed down to never open again. We shouldn’t look at a number to determine how we should live our life.

All these occurrences didn’t happen on Friday the 13th. Things can go wrong, no matter what day it may be. When we wake up each day it’s a true blessing for new beginnings. I’m here to say, “Friday the 13th is not a bad day.”

September 2019 Post. The Harvest Moon

Today is Friday the 13th. When the September Harvest Full Moon will illuminate the sky this evening. When this day comes, I smile. I was born on the 13th day of February so I had a few birthdays fall on a Friday. Growing up you associate Friday the 13th with anything bad or superstitious. Friday the 13th always falls when a month begins on a Sunday, which occurs at least once a year.

I was born on the 13th… I don’t care what day my birthday lands on. I don’t believe in bad luck.

I remember being 8 or 9 years old and going to a slumber party and forgetting some things in my bag. I didn’t blame myself for not checking my bag. Or maybe blame my mother for packing my bag. I blamed the day for having bad luck. “Oh, it’s Friday the 13th and I have bad luck.” Now that I’m older I don’t believe in bad luck or a cursed day.

I believe in only good luck so I wonder if I’m a hypocrite. I have learned what you put in your mind and think can make you act in a certain way and think a certain way. There is no single definition of superstition, it means a belief in supernatural forces, such as fate, the desire to influence unpredictable factors, and a need to resolve uncertainty.

The History of Friday the 13th

There are many different stories of how this day came into place with fear. One myth comes from when the Knights Templar were arrested and burnt across France on October 13, 1307. The fear of the 13th also comes from a phobia known as Triskaidekaphobia that originated from Paraskevi. (Greek for Friday) Many Catholics also believed that Jesus’s last supper and crucifixion which there were 13 people present in the Upper Room on the 13th of Nisan Maundy Thursday. The night before his death on Good Friday.

All these fears and superstitions have made a great way for movies. One of the biggest horror movies, Friday the 13th. The birth of Jason Vorhees the hockey-masked killer that doesn’t seem to ever truly die. I’m just naming this one because there were over twelve movies made. There are many stories that can be associated with this number.

With the bad comes the good. Greek Goddesses associated this day with good luck and good fortune. It was considered the day of the Goddess. A day to worship the Devine Feminine that lives in all of us. It was also a day to honor the cycles of creation, death, and birth. Women were considered to have magical powers when she got her period. As time passed on, to be a woman that was empowered became a woman to be shamed and bad luck also followed along.

Full Moon Influence

The Moon is known for influencing the tides, people’s behavior, and increasing your libido. It’s been known that there is an increase in accidents, crimes, and suicides during this time. Some people think that a full moon play on our emotions and moods.

How to bring Good Luck to you. Things to Do on Full Moon

Charge your Crystals by putting them on a windowsill or outside and let then charge by the light of the moon, Make a wish, Meditate, Take a relaxing bath, Read Your Cards, Forgiveness Ritual, Be Grateful and learn to be satisfied to pull more luck to you.

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Full Moon Superstitions

Some believe breaking a mirror will give you 7 years of bad luck, if you cut your hair on a full moon it will grow back quicker, full moons trigger childbirth, and if you hang your laundry out it will shine are a few to name.

After writing this article I feel more positive of this day that is put into a negative light. I believe you make your day with positive thoughts and a number nor a Moon should determine how you day will be. Go out and enjoy this beautiful day and for the evening watch some cheesy horror movies and have some good laughs.

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