The Coronavirus is hitting hard now and there is no sight of it stopping. I had to console my daughter last night. She said she was scared and started crying. As a mom, I felt so bad, I hugged her tight and reassured her that we would be okay. She’s eight, we don’t watch the news. She watches Netflix and other streaming shows with no adult commercials. So I wonder where did she hear it from to get so scared? As adults we talk and think the little ones are not listening. But they are. They are trying to piece together the conversations they are hearing from adults and taking it back to school and including their story they heard from their parents. She didn’t quite know what the Coronavirus was. She thought you get really sick and die. Well, I didn’t want to tell her that, although some cases have ended in death. When you hear about a virus over seas you don’t take it seriously.  Then you have social media with all the jokes and memes. Then you think, this is just the government wanting us to go out and boast the economy.

Target, Walmart and Shoprite and I’m sure among other stores I didn’t mention look like the photos above. This is how the shelves been for the past week. No bleach or sanitizer. Tissue and bread are gone. There are lines outside stores now waiting for anxious people to get the things they need for home. I was one of the people in line. As I sat in line with my cart, I was praying there would be tissue for me to get. I have some at home but the way media has been it seems like there will be no more paper products soon. I was lucky. I picked up the last jumbo pack of tissue. I made jokes with other customers when I got in the store. It was funny, food that always was stocked now was gone. Was it time for me to panic? I got home and received an email. It read today is the last day of school and they will reopen the end of March. I have lived through, Ebola, Zika, Mad Cow disease, chicken pox, which I had. I even traveled to Cabo during the Swine Flu pandemic. Was this really the “big one?” Will the whole world be locked down and at a stand still soon? 


Most cities have declared a state of emergency. All the major events are closing and now celebrities have come forward who has now tested positive for the virus. Travel restrictions have been placed be sure to check before booking trips. I’m hoping social distancing help control the virus and there is a vaccine. In the meantime, wash your hands thoroughly and if your sick get tested and be safe. I’m hoping everyone get well soon and we all be back traveling local and abroad.

What is Coronavirus

 COVID-19 is a new type of infectious coronavirus spread through small droplets from the nose or mouth when someone who has the virus coughs or sneezes. It causes respiratory problems, meaning the common symptoms are often the same as the common cold or flu – fever, tiredness and dry cough.

How to Keep Yourself Protected from the Virus

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    Most studies will show that we over-reacted and sheltering in place in the US is practically a joke. It won’t stop the spread of covid-19 or any other virus for that matter. Covid-19 has already been shown to follow the bell-curve of most viruses and will fall the way of the SARS virus. The financial impact, the hording and hysteria will do more harm to this country than any known virus. Judges, Doctors, and other well-off Americans will get through this without any financial bump in the road. But what about Joe, the average American?

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