About the The Traveling Aquarian. Your Guide to Adventure and Travel on a Budget.
Welcome and Hello fellow travelers! My name is Keyanna, most people call me “Key” for short. I’m a Jersey girl, Nature lover, and I think of myself as the female Indiana Jones. As a child I wanted to be an Archaeologists and explore and travel across the world finding new undiscovered relics. Before the internet and Google there was the Encyclopedia Britannica. For the younger generation these were books that gave you information from A-Z. I was amazed at the wonders around the world and wanted to visited them all.
Life changed and my family grew. I have a wonderful husband and four smart and funny children. I went to a motivational seminar on how to reach your goals and follow your dreams. I left inspired! I got over my fear of driving long distances and began living my life to the fullest. I made a bucket list of places I wanted to visit and started crossing them off. I’ve been to Mexico several times on the East and West Coast. Enjoying the beautiful beaches and culture. Hawaii was my most recent vacation exploring the island of Oahu was an amazing trip. The food, beaches, Hawaiian history I learned was an educating and memorable trip. I love traveling local and finding new museums, visiting gardens to see the new blooming flowers, hiking  enjoying the fresh air, and taking road trips out of state. 
Photography has always been my passion and a hobby. I’m a lover of being outdoors and when I’m out I’m taking photos. I began giving reviews and displaying my photography of the wonderful places I visited.  The views grew and I thought it was time to put a story behind all the places and share them with others. I know everyone can’t hop on a plane and travel. I’m here to bring you great adventures local and abroad so you can have great memories while on a budget.
I’m happy to accept advertising or sponsorship proposals and products to review from relevant brands. Want to work together? Feel free to email me with proposals at: thetravelingaquarian@gmail.com