The first thing  I did when I woke up this morning was say, “Thank you.” I’m blessed to have woken up today, I’m blessed that I have a beautiful family and I’m blessed to put food on the table. The second thing I did was go to my Facebook page. My morning thing to do. Something I’m trying to stop. I scrolled down through the funny memes and posts. One stood out. It read. “Nobody wants to see pictures of your food. Just be thankful that you are eating! Remember there are many people who don’t have the opportunity to be blessed like you so humble yourself.” Dorian Walker

He was right and it hit home with me. I’ve been guilty of what he was saying. Posting pictures, not doing it in any harm but this is what we have become as a society. Putting everything we do on social media and not thinking of others. We tend to forget there are people who will not have a meal today or even a roof over their head. There are people who lost someone and won’t be able to sit with them at the table today. Thanksgiving and all the holidays have become so commercialized that we forget the true meaning.

Today is a day of being Thankful and Kind

It’s a day of family and friends getting together big or small. I had the opportunity to volunteer at Eva’s Village in Paterson, NJ. It was a humbling experience. They treated everyone with respect and they didn’t use the word homeless. Everyone is called a guest. It was an awesome day, to serve the community. The guests that were there were so thankful and appreciated what we were doing. Eva’s Village is a great organization and they do so much to help. They feed, shelter, and help people with drug and alcohol addiction. There are other organizations like this in most communities. When I got home that day. I prayed, I was so thankful, I witnessed people who were getting their only meal for the day and people going back out to sleep under the highway. We can all make time to give back to someone in need. You can give back as well. It don’t have to be about money. Donate clothes, food to your local charities, volunteer at a shelter, or go visit that neighbor who you notice that can use a meal and take one over to them.

Let’s get back to the meaning of the Holidays! Be kind to one another. When you’re at the dinner table today, put the phones down and enjoy this moment with your friends and family. 


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