Bucks County Eccentric Castle and Museum

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I decided to take a road trip out to Pennsylvania. I love architecture, so I Googled cool places to visit in Bucks County. It brought up Fonthill Castle and Mercer Museum. From the photos listed by visitors, I had to visit. We went to Fonthill Castle in January.

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Fonthill Castle

Our tour guide was amazing. He couldn’t stress enough to stay with the group. Fonthill gave me a Count Dracula feel to it. You drive down this long driveway to a grey-stoned building. Some rooms were dark and dreary. I thought about how it was a night to walk around the castle. Fonthill was built of concrete between 1908 and 1912. The castle has 44 rooms, 10 bathrooms, and more than 30 staircases.

Fonthill was the private home of Henry Mercer an archaeologist, historian, and tile maker, among other titles he held. The castle contains built-in furniture with decorative tiles, made by Mercer. Fonthill is filled with a collection of ceramics embedded in the concrete of the house, as well as other artifacts from his travels from around the world.


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Mr. Mercer recognized all the men who helped build Fonthill by including their names somewhere on the walls and ceilings of the castle.  You can even see his dog’s footprints in the concrete. We spent over three hours at the castle. It felt like a maze, going up and down stairs leading you into rooms and offices.

I found myself gazing out into the window and drifting off once again. I took my daughter and her friend and we were too tired to head over to Mercer Museum which is less than a ten-minute ride. If you’re in the area or looking for an exciting place to visit, Fonthill is the place to come. I would recommend dressing accordingly during the seasons. It will be either hot or cold and wear comfortable walking shoes.

Mercer Museum

Mercer Museum in Bucks County

Fonthill Castle was amazing, but Mercer Museum took it to the next level

Mercer Museum is located at 84 S Pine St, Doylestown, PA 18901. Please visit their website for hours of operation and admission price https://www.mercermuseum.org/

The reason Henry Mercer used concrete in his buildings was due to the Great Boston Fire of 1872. The fire destroyed his aunt’s prized collection of medieval armor, which had been stored in wooden structures. He had valuable collections that he didn’t want to lose in case of a fire to his property.

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My daughter is eight, she enjoyed the museum as well. I think it was the furniture hanging on the ceiling that added curiosity to her visit. My favorite part of the museum is when I entered the room that showed Women’s Rights and their part during history. It put a smile on my face for Henry Mercer to show the importance of women.

Fonthill Castle and Mercer Museum are both a must-see if you’re looking to step back into time and love architecture. I highly recommend coming to visit. Due to COVID, you must purchase tickets online and masks are required.


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