Enter the Secret Garden at the Bamboo Brook Outdoor Educational Center


Bamboo Brook is located at 11 Longview Rd. Far Hills, NJ. Willowwood Arboretum is just 2 minutes on the same road. Read my blog about Willowwood Arboretum: https://thetravelingaquarian.wpcomstaging.com/2019/08/13/willowwood-arboretum/

Bamboo Brook Outdoor Education Center is definitely a hidden gem on the list. This secret garden is simply amazing. This 687 acres botanical garden historically known as the Merchiston Farm was the home of William and Martha Brooks Hutcheson from 1911-1959. Ms. Hutcheson was one of the first women landscape architects. There are many trails throughout the property that will lead you to the Coffee Terrace, Circular Pool and the Upper and Lower Waters. This is a great backdrop to any event. There are a variety of birds, butterflies and animals the area. This is a great place to explore and enjoy the peace and quietness. The garden is well maintained and you will leave here inspired and wanting to see more gardens.

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