Willowwood Arboretum Far Hills Hidden Garden

I felt like I could dance in the field of wild flowers. I pictured my self like the woman in the Sound of Music.

Willowwood Arboretum is located at 300 Longview Rd., Far Hills, NJ 07931. The property is opened from 8am-8pm Monday-Sunday. Entrance and parking is free. It is 13 acres of farm land and has 2,100 native and exotic plants. The grounds were cleared for farming in the 18th century. The original name was Paradise Farm and renamed Willowwood once the brothers Henry and Robert Tubbs brought the property in 1908. They expanded the farmhouse that dates back to 1792 and made it their family home.

There are many trails throughout the grounds I recommend wearing the proper walking or hiking shoes. During the summer months, bring cold water and sun block to protect yourself from the heat and sun. Bug spray will come in handy when walking the paths through the woods. They offer a guided walking tour or cellphone tours to learn the history of the Arboretum.

You will find chairs along the property to relax and take in the beauty of the beautiful flowers. There are picnic tables and benches to to bring food and restrooms. We spent over 2 hours taking pictures of all the hidden sculptures and flowers surrounding the property. There are events held throughout the year. There is a Willowwood store to purchase books, seeds, garden tags and other items. Please visit for more information: https://www.willowwoodarboretum.org/

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